The perfect finish is a technological wonder driving numerous industries. The latest generation machines are delivering outstanding results making never-before innovations possible.

Precision surface cleaning is an intelligent cleaning process. Continuous innovations in the field have made it possible for us to degrease and clean even the most precision and sensitive component.

Next level precision measurement technologies like optical 3D deliver traceable and repeatable results even at vibrations, variations in temperature and ambient light.

BERNEX Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coating systems set the worldwide industry standard for the enhancement of wear friction and temperature protection of tools and components.

With super precision 3D printing, the jewelry industry has broken free of casting limitations. Now you can rectify before creating the master mould, cast without a master mould and create hitherto difficult designs.
Modern casting machines can cast complicated shapes perfectly. Combined with the extensive range of alloys available today, they are making unique innovations in the jewellery.
Discover the phenomenal results of plating with advanced materials that are changing the landscape in jewellery.




Hi-polish finishing, casting, plating and more for the most intricate designs.

Cutting Tools

Inventing the next generation of cutting tools? Our machines can help you.


The highest safety, accuracy and performance made easy-to-deliver.
Medical Implants

Medical Implants

Supporting continuous improvement of medical devices for improved implant life and patient comfort.


Limitless possibilities can be explored with the right tools. With the help of cutting-edge technologies in the form of avant garde machines, open the door to technological advancements in many sectors.


Smoother surfaces, longer service lives - adding safety and sustainability to vehicles.

For Years,Millenia Technologies have partnered industries in India in their innovation by bringing the most advanced Surface technologies to their doorstep


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