Elmasteam 8 basic

The compact Elmasteam 8 basic with 8 bar steam pressure is the ideal steam cleaning machine for smooth and environmentally friendly pre and final cleaning tasks.
With the selectable pressure modes - 'soft' and 'strong'
the individual regulation of moisture in the steam (wet or dry steam) and
the strong heating power
The Elmasteam 8 basic is ready for even challenging cleaning tasks.
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Elmasteam 8 basic
Elmasteam 8 basic
Elmasteam 8 basic


  • Cleaning, rinsing and drying - all with one device
  • Long steam availability with 8 bar steam pressure
  • Individually adjustable pressure ranges - 'soft' and 'strong'
  • Automatic 'co-mode' saves costs and energy and is environmentally friendly
  • Integrated intelligent decalcification programme
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Environment friendly and without chemistry cleaning with Elmasteam 8 Basic for Jewellery and Watches

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