Elmasteam 8 med

Powerful cleaning in the CSSD Certain instruments, such as burrs, drills and electro-surgical instruments, often do not become sufficiently clean in the standard washing and disinfecting unit.
The Elmasteam 8 med steam jet cleaner is the ideal tool to pre-clean such instruments and smoothly remove even tenacious contaminations like burnt-in tissue on electro-surgical forceps, so that the valuable instruments are preserved for longer time.
The insides of hollow body instruments can be connected directly to the Luer-Lock-connection at the handpiece or can be cleaned with the optionally available adapter set.
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Elmasteam 8 med
Elmasteam 8 med
Elmasteam 8 med
Elmasteam 8 med
Elmasteam 8 med


  • Long steam availability with 8 bar steam pressure
  • Individually adjustable pressure ranges - 'soft' and 'strong'
  • Automatic 'Eco-mode' saves costs and energy
  • Run-dry-save heating and intelligent decalcification cycles
  • Luer-Lock-connection for perfectly cleaning of hollow body instruments
  • Registered as medical device class I
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Powerful cleaning in the CSSD

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