Elmasonic Xtra ST

Elmasonic Xtra ST floor mounted ultrasonic devices are designed for use in a production environment, workshops & servicing. The wide range of features make it easy & effective to work with these devices. It is useful in gently cleaning and degreasing sensitive surface materials.
Elmasonic xtra ST devices are rated for continuous operation under the highest operational demands. The tanks are made of special stainless steel, which makes them robust with a long service life. In single-shift operation, they are guaranteed a warranty period of three years.
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Elma Xtra ST
Elma Xtra ST
Elma Xtra ST
Elma Xtra ST
Elma Xtra ST


  • Mobile single-tank devices of 8 sizes
  • 25/45 kHz multi-frequent technology for cleaning stubborn contaminations and sensitive surfaces with one device
  • Switchable Dynamic-, Pulse- and Sweep-functions for more ultrasonic performance
  • Long-lasting, robust devices with tanks made of special stainless steel
  • Easy and clear operation, protected against spraying water
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