Xtra line pro & pre

Modular cleaning systems with multi-frequency technology
From the single device via the manual to the fully automated system, the modulare Elmasonic X-tra line cleaning systems are very flexible. They adapt any time to the individual cleaning task in terms of design and process sequence.
The basis of the modular cleaning systems are our Elmasonic X-tra pro serial units with multi-frequency technology. They enable an individual combination of the various devices for cleaning, rinsing and drying in order to create the optimum cleaning process. Subsequent extensions of the system, changes or adjustments in the process are also possible at a later date.
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ELMA Xtra line pro


  • Flexible, modular system tailor-cut for your cleaning tasks
  • User-friendly operation
  • Traceable and reproducible cleaning process with data logger, RFID / barcode systems and optional connection to MES or your own IT system
  • Reduced water consumption due to cascaded, interconnected cleaning basins
  • This makes the modular X-tra line cleaning systems highly efficient - both economically and ecologically.
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Modular ultrasonic cleaning systems with multi-frequency technology for Industrries

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