ExJet A6

ExJet A6 which is the smallest member of the Uniway ExJet family is a very good option for small and medium-sized businesses that want to use Uniway 3D printing quality with its speed, compact structure, and robust mechanical features. ExJet A6, which can reach 90x160 mm print area, 70 mm printing height, and printing speed up to 25 mm/hour, makes it possible to achieve excellent printing results with much lower investment costs with its hi-tech components.
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  • Projection Area : 160 x 90 mm
  • Print Height (max.) : 70 mm
  • Print Speed : up to 25 mm/hour
  • XY Resolution : 21 μm
  • Z Resolution : 25/35/50 μm
  • File Transfer Method : Ethernet/LAN
  • Electrical Specifications : 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • File Type(s) : SLC/Pack/SPack
  • Accessories : UV Curing Machine, Accessories Box
  • Workspace Conditions : 1 kVA UPS, AC (22° – Maximum), Stiff/Hard Floor
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