SF Automation Series

The SF Automation series offers deburring, rounding and smoothing in a single processing stage, in a very short time and without detriment to the contours of the workpiece. Path-controlled motion enables specific areas of a workpiece to be processed more intensely. Because of the tremendous processing forces involved, the SF Automation provides fast and economical finishing and guarantee absolutely reliable processing results. The SF Automation series of machines can optionally be equipped with pulse finishing and because loading is carried out automatically, they are suitable, among other purposes, for production lines with a predefined cycle time. Depending on the requirement profile, the machines can be pre-equipped automatic loading or optionally equipped with integrated automatic loading. The modular design of the machine means that it can easily be adapted to the cycle time. This enables the SF Automation to be easily incorporated into a production line as an integral component of the line. Typical applications for the SF Automation series include deburring, rounding, smoothing and polishing of camshafts and components with complex geometries such as thread-cutting dies and fuel injectors.
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SF Automation Series
SF Automation Series
SF Automation Series


  • Automatic workpiece loading
  • Perfect finishing results
  • Fastest finishing process
  • Customized solutions
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OTEC 2 x SF 4 Auto
SF2 RLS with robot for precise rounding of cutting tool edges
SF3 RLS with robot - Automated deburring, rounding and polishing of tools
OTEC SF 1 ILS with chain loader
OTEC SF Automation
Stream finish SF 3/105 Pulsfinish - deburring, rounding, smoothing and polishing


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