Smooth operation and long service life and high-quality workmanship which are the hallmarks of OTEC’s machines, all of which are made in Germany, are appreciated by countless customers worldwide when it comes to deburring, grinding, smoothing and polishing. Over the past 22 years, OTEC has grown from a small manufacturer of polishing machines for the local jewelry and watchmaking industry to become a truly global player.
Elma is a leading international company in the field of ultrasonic and steam cleaning technology. With a wide product range of ultrasonic and steam cleaning devices, modular and custom cleaning equipment as well as in-house developed and manufactured cleaning chemicals, Elma serves a wide range of industries and markets. Founded in 1948 and headquartered in the German town of Singen am Hohentwiel, Elma has always been and still is 100% family owned. Through continuous innovation and growth, Elma sells products and installations in over 80 countries with great success.
Alicona has been part of Bruker since 2019 and now operates globally under the Bruker Alicona brand. Headquartered in Austria (Graz), measuring systems are developed, produced and distributed worldwide. The company is a global provider of optical, industrial measurement technology for quality assurance of complex components of different shapes, sizes and materials. Their non-contact measuring systems are used in all areas of precision manufacturing.
Bernex is the leader in CVD technologies. They set the worldwide industry standard for the enhancement of wear, friction and temperature protection of tools and components. Their wide range of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technologies includes chemical vapor aluminizing (CVA), chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) and CVD with solid metalorganic precursors (MOCVD). They are renowned for their state-of-the-art technology and customized configurations as per applications.
Leading the way for taking prostheses performance and jewelry casting to the next level, Uniway Optronix brings solutions, developments and new ideas to the industry. They offer highly precise, productive and fast 3D printers for direct casting applications.
ASEG Galloni:ASEG Galloni S.p.A. Company estabilished in Italy in 1948, was the first into the world to produce electronic induction machines for melting & casting metals, precious and non-precious alloys for the global jewellery & dental markets.The commitment of ASEG gallon S.p.A. is aimed at achieving three important objectives: Quality, Technological research & Customer satisfaction.For the Jewellery production Galloni manufactures & offers a wide and comprehensive range of electronic casting machines for Gold, Silver, Platinum & Titanium that are applicable to every type of wax/Resign casting requirements.
Founded in 1974 in the “Goldstadt Pforzheim” by Kurt Jentner, the main focus of Jentner was initially on the development of precious and base metal electrolytes. Today, the company, whose management has been in the hands of Chris Jentner since 1999, specializes in the full range of electroplating and guarantees the highest quality of its products and services.

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